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Our existing styles represent RainDear's bestselling items. We are always looking for new ideas, though, so let us know if there are any other color combinations or prints that you'd like to see next season!

Think of it as a raincoat for your bag or a poncho for your purse. 

RainDear offers a stylish way to protect your belongings. Designed with both taste makers and pragmatics in mind, our reusable covers offer a fashionable solution to a practical issue that plagues most women who carry nice bags (or important paperwork to and from the office!). Gone are the days of having to choose function over form...or risk ruining your stuff. RainDear covers are lightweight and compact enough to live in your bag so you needn't worry about forgetting it at home or getting caught in an unexpected rain shower.

RainDear is a woman-owned rainwear accessory company based in (the sometimes rainy and snowy city of) Boston, Massachusetts. 

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